The mechanical innovation

The Quicktorc tool have automated the four steps procedure used by existing tool.
A MCU combined with actuators and sensors, controls the procedure and secure a fast and accurate result every time. Without the possible human errors on today`s tools.

The tool is designed with a changeable insert to cover a range of bolt and nut dimensions.
In the future the product range will be expanded to cover a large range of different sizes.

The digital upside

Documentation of audits and maintenance is important to secure operation and environment. With the Quicktorc solution, you will be able to get this in real time.

With the built-in sensors, the hole tensioning process is recorded and stored. With the today’s technology, it`s possibility to upload these data to a cloud solution in real time, and enables a totally new way to document every bolt tensioning on every flange.

This Industry 4.0 solution will be integrated with a cloud solution and the data sets will be accessible on different platforms.  This represents a radical improvement in quality and maintenance management for the plant owners and leads to improved cost-effectiveness.

Tensioning as a Service

Pay for the work done – without the investment in tools.

With the detailed level of data recorded, it`s possible to support a new business model we call “Tensioning as a Service” TaaS.

Our ambition is to provide a ecosystem with tool rental and cloud access as an integrated packet.