Hilberg Karoliussen is the originator behind the Quickflange technology and Delta V gasket. Now he has solved the last bit of the puzzle through the invention Quicktorc where tightening of the bolts is done significantly faster and with more consistent quality than the traditional solutions the industry uses today.

The Quicktorc tool reduces time consumption by 75% compared to the methods used by industry today and provides major time savings for new construction, maintenance and audits of industrial plants.

Through the company Quicktorc As, we will now realize this innovation. The company was established in 2019 and has until now focused on securing the intellectual rights to the  innovation. Norwegian patent was granted on 23.12.2019 and international patent was applied for through The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In June 2020, the innovation passed the eye of the needle PCT and the company started work on continuing the patents to a number of important markets.

Independent research institutes estimate the market for this type of tool at approximately NOK 3.5 – 4.0 billion annually, with Europe accounting for approximately 60%. In Norway, you will find the typical customers within Oil & Gas and chemical processing plants.

Quicktorc is not “just another piece of hardware” but an integreated solution to change a traditional business.

The concept will be presented at the ONS 2022.

Please contact CEO Svein K. Aasen on cellphone +47 932 44 723  or click the button below, which will  direct you to our contact form.